The wonderful gifts of music

Music is so beautiful that all creatures respond to the rhythm. This includes flowers, insects, lunatics, birds, infants, fish, men and angels. I can’t just imagine how lonely the world would be without the wonderful gift of music. Music enlivens the world and brighten our dark and gloomy days. Indeed, without the beautiful melody and harmony of music, the world would be so dim and boring. Music is so vital to our lives and well-being, its effect on our emotions is so tremendous: it for instance soothes and calms us even when we are angry. It is so because whenever there is a sound of good music we find ourselves in harmony with its rhythm or lyrics which instinctively and profoundly resonate with our lives, situations, experiences, trials, challenges, desires, feelings, or beliefs.
Music is one of the most beautiful and first gifts that God gave to mankind just to demonstrate to us the great importance of music to our existence. The Bible mentioned music right from Genesis 4:21saying “And his brother’s name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ”.
Music brings joy to our lives and can also be a great remedy in times of hurt and pain. We need music when we are sad and when we are happy; and if only we can open up our hearts like flower to beautiful songs, we would experience from within us a refreshing beauty, blooming and flourishing like never before. The type of songs that precede from your mouth will determine so many things about you. Proverbs 18:20″A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.”
Music is a beautiful language that when well composed moves the listeners to ecstasy or tears either by the rhythm or lyrics.
Personally, I don’t think this world would have been this harmonious and blissful without the wonderful gift of music. On several occasions, music has helped to resolve problems and chaos between couples, people, communities and nations.
Good music brings harmony to the universe and also connects the earth to heaven in unison. Whenever there’s a sound of good music, all creature and nature join in a majestic and artistic synchronization, moving men, angels and birds to sing along, even as mountains, (Isaiah 55:12) oceans and trees clap (Psalm 98:8) to produce sweet and melodic rhymes that pay homage to the profoundly creative mind of the ultimate Creator.
I truly feel very privileged to be among the few vessels through which sweet melody and the harmony of the spheres flow. I truly feel honoured to be a music maker. I owe all I am today and all I will ever be to Jesus my Saviour and King. I would never have been what I am today but for the grace of God: There many out there, who are much more gifted than me but are still wandering, aimless, nameless, and unknown somewhere in limbo- land, some have even died unsung, uncelebrated with their gifts. Again, I am not in any way better than them, it’s just the mercy of God. I am really grateful to God for using me because He could have used someone else. I would rather use my songs and music to bring melody and joy to the lives of people and not be paid than being paid millions of dollars to ruin lives.
Several passages of the Bible especially, the book of Revelation, tells us how the saints and angels are singing ceaselessly before God in heaven to reveal to us the creator’s great love for music, and since human beings are created in God’s very image, we are also framed to love and have passion for music. This is why even little babies are excited and highly responsive to beautiful sound of music by shaking and moving their bodies to the tune. It’s another reason why many parents use songs to comfort and cheer their babies whenever they are crying or happy. Parents also sing lullabies to make their babies/children go to sleep. It is also said that children who are exposed to good music are usually more brilliant and smarter than those not exposed to good music.
Music is one of the fastest and best ways to spread information. Music makes it much easier for us to remember instructions, specific teachings, and general information. It can also be used to remind us of the past. People can easily forget what they have been told, but they don’t easily forget songs they have learned or listened to, that’s why God told Moses in Deuteronomy 31:19 saying “Now therefore write ye this song for you and teach it the children of Israel: put it in their mouths, that this song may be a witness for me”.
Good music brings people with different tongues and colour together and foster good relationship between them. That’s why it is very difficult to find a good advert, a TV show or movie without a piece of music in the background. It’s rare to find a very big gathering of people celebrating some events or regular church services without good music. Churches with good music always attract more people than those who do not have good music.
From research, I have come to realise that most songs that have touched the world and remain evergreen on the lips of many, are songs with pleasant universal themes such as love, nature, courage, gratitude, faith, victories, fearlessness, determination, bravery, honesty, racial harmony, family ties, friendships, humility, purity, incorruptibility and so on. But it is so sad that the trend of music today has evolved into a farce. It is shockingly becoming a highly deceptive medium for misleading people into wrong thinking and wrong doing. It is a medium that is very, very negative, toxic and morally destructive. Above all, it is spiritually deadly. There’s been myriad of stories about how songsters and musicians have practically sold their souls to the devil just to become globally famous and phenomenally successful with financial networths running into hundreds of millions of dollars, aside an immensely growing and astounding cult of followers. Many talented artists and songwriters have deviated from creating good music to making sexually explicit offensive and bland songs that have no capacity to comfort, encourage or give joy. The truth is that each time such songs are relayed on radio, TV or on the internet, the message gradually percolates into the eardrums, the mind and the soul of the listener, especially, when played frequently. Listeners, naturally begin to sing along to such music subconsciously, even though it’s a bad song.

About the Author
BJ Sam is a Writer and international Recording Artist who brings joy, brilliance and melody to the universe through his writings and delightfully catchy music . His fans around the world refer to him fondly as “Sammy Wonder” due to his distinctive beautiful voice and heartfelt lyrics.
BJ Sam sings French and English in order to appeal to people across the universe and bring everyone in unison. His songs ignite playlists worldwide; with a global fan base that extends from Nigeria to the United States of America, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and now Australia where his music is now being played by adoring fans.
BJ Sam has become a force to be reckoned with on a global scale after releasing his hit single ‘The Star Will Always Shine’ in 2014 which grabbed the attention of countless Hollywood Music Supervisors. In 2014 BJ Sam signed a global music distribution deal with Africori UK in partnership with The Orchard. In 2014 BJ Sam also signed to DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA formal a global Distribution and Publishing venture to get his music out to his global fan base.

In 2016, Hollywood music supervisors Suzanna Hilleary the president of Wacbiz fell in love with BJ Sam and his music and agreement was completed allowing this power house of music placement to represent and license BJ Sam songs for Hollywood Films, TV Episodes, Games and Web ad campaigns.
BJ Sam has always been pouring all his imagination, creativity, and talent to make music that will be timeless and universal. Companies such as Sound Pro Music Canada, Flipper music Italy, XerciseLab Russia, Motion Manager Austria, and countless others has also made use of BJ Sam’s songs for commercials, TV, Films, Documentaries and other media production.
BJ Sam has been interviewed twice on ‘Stars Parade’ a musical program with over 80 million viewers worldwide on 3rd most available television network in the word ‘TV5Monde’ which is based in France. Check out
Recently the popular American film director Lloyd Kaufman personally selected BJ Sam’s song “Mon Amour” as the Soundtrack for the just premiered Hollywood movie titled “Heart of Fatness”. checkout

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DJ Paula Frost, Kane 103.7 FM UK said,
” I’m quite amazed at BJ Sam’s writing, vocal & musical prowess & dexterity! … As I’ve already stated, he is an extremely talented musician/writer – the kind of guy who this world is just crying out to hear, for he is a force to be reckoned with.”

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