Adani Kenechi, the Future of gay stigmatization in Africa,


Adani Kenechi, the Future of gay stigmatization in Africa

At the wake of 7th day of January,2014, The Dr Goodluck Jonathan led administration greeted
the new year with the passage of an Act,known as SAME SEX MARRIAGE( PROHIBITION) Act
2014. the said Act made opinion provisions to wit:prohibition of registration of gay
clubs,societies and organizations, public show of same sex amorous relationship, directly or
indirectly,entering to a same sex marriage contract or union,and even extends to people or
persons who witness the acts of same sex or gay marriage being conducted are all liable to
different levels of terms of imprisonment.

The outbreak of this law to the people of Nigeria went far to strengthen their already harbored
or perceived prejudice for the action which they consider as taboo under their native laws and

The question unanswered by the law and the Nigerian people,Where lies the fundamental
rights of Nigeria people guaranteed under chapter 4 of the constitution of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria that gave credence to freedom of association, right to hold an opinion, freedom from
inhuman and degrading treatment,right to life and what have you? Where lies the place of the
international convention on the civil political rights and international conventions on
Economic,social and cultural rights adopted and ratified by states including Nigeria?
Where lies the inalienable rights of the likes of Mr Adani Kenechi Maurice whom this law and
customs have impaired their inalienable rights implicit to their existence?
The bone of Nigeria problem is not only limited to Boko haram, and herdsmen but have included
the obnoxious law that tends to make one deny oneself( same sex marriage prohibition Act
2014)as a requirement of customs and traditions.

Sequel to the above A young Nigeria with a bright future has abandoned his School in run for
safety for his dear life for his inability to live in self denial in perpetuity.
The story of Mr Adani Kenechi Maurice is one of those pathetic stories that has come up in recent
times. the said young man up until he went into hiding was a political science student of Enugu
State University of science and technology (ESUT). His troubles started when it was alleged by
some of the members of his Village in Ohodo, Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State
in Nigeria that he is gay,which the young man did not deny. The Youth of the Village quickly
notified the parents of the said victim that he be not seen any where close to the Village, state
,As that was not enough the Villagers proceeded to share the communal land in the community
to the age mates of the young man and in his exclusion as the parents were duly informed that
the victim is not entitled to anything within the village.

Upon hearing the above development,
the victim expeditiously returned to his village to know his fate but his return would have been
better that he never did, as the angry mob who sought to kill him, misfired and the attack meant
for him Mr. Adani Kenechi landed on the father who came out to protect the son and he gave up the ghost
immediately. On seeing that the action of these mob have caused the death of the Father of the
victim, they mob all took to their heals and dispensed.

A report was immediately made to the
police who were never willing or very reluctant to act and till date nothing has been done. As if
the aforesaid is not enough,the same community are using the instrumentality of the Nigeria
police to oppress he whom it ought to protect. Petition to the Nigeria police force, confirming that
the said victim have been banned from his community, states in Nigeria and urging the force to
either kill the victim or detain him in perpetuity for community taboo in the land. The use of the
police force only confirmed the institution to be the instrument in the hand of the oppressor
against the ooppresed.
We are left with a way out,the way lies in the answer to the poser, do we
kill to save culture in African and Nigeria in particular?

Give life to Mr Adani Kenechi Maurice.

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